Advantages Of Scheduling A Real Estate Showing During Daytime Hours

When you're a real estate agent whose client is interested in seeing a home that is for sale, you'll contact the listing agent to schedule a showing. Generally, there will be some flexibility as to when the showing will take place — and, while you'll need to ensure that the schedules of the seller and listing agent, as well as your schedule and that of your client sync up, you may have the choice of a daytime or evening showing. While there are pros and cons of both timeframes, you'll generally find that a daytime showing is a better choice. Here's why.

It's Easier To Take In The Yard

While interior lights will allow you to thoroughly assess the home regardless of the time, the yard is a bit more of a challenge. Even with some exterior lights turned on, it can be difficult to check out the yard. You don't want to schedule a follow-up showing just because your clients weren't able to see the yard enough to make up your mind about it, so consider the value of a daytime appointment. When it's bright outside, your clients will have an easier time to get a sense of the yard's size, its features, and even how the exterior of the residence looks.

You Can Better Assess Traffic

Being able to assess traffic is something that some buyers overlook, but this detail can be valuable when you're attending a showing. An evening showing can often result in the streets around the house being quiet, but this scenario doesn't provide much information about the life of the neighborhood during the day. A daytime showing can offer a few traffic-related details. For example, your clients can get a sense of how busy and noisy the streets are, which might be a concern if you have young children. Additionally, if you schedule the showing at rush hour, you may be able to tell how well the traffic flows.

You May Have More Time

It's common for sellers' time availability to be limited in the evening. If a seller has young children, for example, he or she might not want to agree to a showing that extends too late into the evening because of bedtimes. For larger homes, it can be difficult to thoroughly assess everything when you're under a strict deadline. Conversely, a daytime showing can often give you more time. While some agents advocate an hour for a showing, you might not have any trouble getting the seller to agree to a 90-minute showing in the middle of the day. This can give your clients more time to peruse the dwelling.