Promote Your Commercial Property That Is For Sale

If you currently own a small printing business and wish to sell it so that you can expand your company and move your employees and equipment into a larger facility that is in a neighboring town, you may be worried about your business being on the market for a long amount of time, preventing you from acquiring the funds needed to open the new facility. Use the tips below to promote your property and interest buyers in the vincinity of where it is located.

Write A Brief History Of The Building And Use It And Photos For An Ad

Sit down and think of your property's key attributes and the manner in which you initially purchased the building and land and write a brief synopsis of the history associated with the property. While all of your equipment is still intact and employees are working, take snapshots of the building's interior. Take pictures of the outdoor area as well, including foliage that is planted on the land and decorative features that you have added over the years.

Bring the description and the photographs to a number 1 brokerage and request a meeting with the head agent. A real estate agent will use the information that you have prepared to design a real estate listing for your business and property and can print the advertisement in a local real estate magazine or paper. 

Plan An Open House While Your Printing Business Is Still Open

An open house of your business and land will demonstrate to citizens that the building is located in a key area that could be profitable. If you plan an open house during the timeframe that your current business is still operating from the original building, visitors will get a glimpse of how you run your company and will be provided with subtle suggestions on how they can utilize the facility and land if they decide to purchase the property.

During an open house, allow people to walk around the inside and outside of the business and show them any upgrades that you have added since you have become the owner of the property. 

Offer Equipment And Supplies No Longer Needed

If you would really like to boost your building and land's popularity, consider offering equipment and supplies with the purchase of the property. If you own furnishings and materials that can be used by one of the people that are interested in the property, they may be more apt to purchase the building and land if they receive some additional items. Your real estate agent can update your current listing so that it includes information about the items you are willing to include with the property.