Why Winterizing a Foreclosed Home Is Vital

If you want to save money when buying a house, you might be considering buying a foreclosed property. Foreclosures come in all shapes, sizes, and prices, and they can be great deals or bad deals. If you are looking at foreclosed homes, one good question to ask your real estate agent is whether these homes have been winterized. Winterizing a home is vital if the home does not have power going to it, and here are a couple important things you should understand about this.

Why foreclosures may need to be winterized

A foreclosed home is a house the bank takes away from a homeowner when the homeowner misses too many payments. When this happens, the homeowner is evicted, and the bank takes ownership of the house. The bank is likely to change the locks on the doors when this happens, and the bank may also winterize the house.

Winterizing a foreclosure is necessary simply because the power is usually turned off when the bank takes the house. Banks try to keep their expenses as low as possible, and turning off the utilities is one way to do this. The problem is that when a house doesn't have power to it, the house is left completely unprotected from the weather. This can result in damage to many parts of the house.

What winterizing involves

To winterize a house, several steps must be completed. These can include the following steps:

  1. Shutting off the main water valve to the house
  2. Emptying the pipes of all water by running the faucets after shutting off the water
  3. Emptying the water heater
  4. Adding antifreeze to the pipes to prevent them from freezing

There may be other steps to be completed as well, but these are the most important steps needed to winterize a vacant house that has no power.

How to find out if a foreclosure has been winterized

If you are looking at a home to buy that is a foreclosure, you should find out if you can hire a home inspector to check out the house before you buy it. A home inspector can determine if a house has been winterized, and he or she can also tell you if the home has any major problems or defects.

If you are interested in buying a foreclosed home, it's important to talk to real estate agencies like Home Remedies LLC about it first. Your agent can help you know what steps to take when buying a foreclosure, and this will help you protect your investment.