3 Fun Ideas to Add Interest to Your Home When Preparing for an Open House

Once your house is listed for sale, you may immediately start imagining that home buyers will arrive ready to pay top dollar for your beautiful home. However, a real estate agent puts a lot of work into helping the right home buyers find your house, and you may not get bites right away.

An open house is a common strategy to help put your abode in front of people who are looking to buy. When you are preparing your home for sale for an open house, talk to your real estate agent about which of these ideas may be a good fit for your home and your target home buyers.

Create a Little Book Nook in Your Home

What book lover hasn't daydreamed of having a corner of their home dedicated completely to read? Create a corner or area in front of a window that's set aside as a reading corner. Line shelves with books in every corner of it, and you may even consider using book-themed upholstery.

This works well for a home showing because being a book lover isn't an unusual state of being. Reading is among the most popular hobbies. Several book lovers are likely to be among those who show up to look at your open house. Even if someone doesn't personally like to spend hours reading, they can still appreciate having a book nook in a home.

Add Upscale Lighting to One or Two Rooms

Preparing your home for an open house involves depersonalizing it in a lot of ways, but your home doesn't need to be completely devoid of personal touches. Add a fun, upscale lighting to one or two of the rooms in your house. For example, you may choose to put a chandelier in the dining room. That will immediately set the tone for the room and give the impression that it is a formal eating space.

Upscale lighting doesn't have to be expensive or elaborate, either. You may pick up a floor lamp that has a beautiful shade and let that be a stand-out point in a room, or you can choose to experiment with different types of lights until you find the one that you feel best represents your house to potential home buyers.

Emphasize the Possibilities for Family Fun

Potential home buyers are going to come to your home and look for the things that appeal to them. You can't control what they may be seeking. Some home buyers will be looking for a certain architectural style, while others may be making sure the house has the minimal number of bedrooms they need. One way to capture the interest of many home buyers is to emphasize how fun the house can be for the whole family.

You may choose to set up a little area for family game night. You can choose to put an attractively staged puzzle on a coffee table or leave board games placed carefully on a table. You may opt to transform the attic or basement into a game room, and stage it accordingly.

Finally, when preparing your home to be viewed by a variety of home buyers at an open house, it's probably worth your while to take your time to add little finishing touches that can add interest to your home. Talk to your real estate agent if you are not sure if the ideas you have are right for your home or the local real estate market.

If your real estate agent encourages your ideas, go for them. You never know how one small finishing touch to the home can inspire a potential home buyer to imagine themselves living in your home, and that can ultimately lead to the sale of your home.