4 Features To Look For If You Intend To Make A Lake Home Your Primary Residence

Many people who purchase lake homes buy them as vacation properties or rental properties. Because of this, the majority of lake homes are built with short-term occupancy in mind. However, there are some people who opt to live at their lake house throughout the entire year or for an extended period during the recreational season. If you are one of those people, you will want to find a lake house that was built with permanent or long-term occupancy in mind. Here are some of the features you will want to look for. 

Extra Closet Space 

Because vacationers tend to travel with limited clothing and belongings, vacation homes are usually designed with significantly less storage space than year-round homes. If you intend to live in your lake house all year, you will need to make sure that there is plenty of space to store your belongings. You can use a closet space calculator to determine the size of closet you need for each room, but you should also make sure that you have extra storage in a hall closet or attic for your off-season items. Keep in mind that storage can often be added to homes, but you need to think about what conversions you would make before purchasing a home.  

An Outdoor Fireplace 

Lake houses often utilize their outdoor space, such as a deck, as the main gathering space. During the colder months, this extra space will be lost if you cannot heat it. If your lake house is in a cool area, you should look for a house that has an outdoor fireplace or fire pit as well as a way to enclose your lake-side deck. This will allow you to utilize the outdoor space all year. Otherwise, you should opt for a home that has a large indoor gathering area, such as a larger living room to give you a place to spend your winter days. 

Year-round Access

In cold areas, many lake communities do not clear their roads during the winter because people only use their houses during the summer. Before investing in a home, you should make sure that you will be able to access it all year. You should also look into the fees for clearing the snow and keeping the roads accessible during the winter, as this may be an added cost that only year-round residents pay. 

Year-round Activities 

Even if you are buying a lake house for a bit of privacy and quiet, you should still make sure that there are enough activities during the winter to keep you amused. You should see how long you can use the lake for sports and look into skiing or other winter activities to keep you engaged.